1st Congress of IAE: International Academy of EMDOLA
20th June 2019

7th Congress of WFLD: European Division
21st-22nd June 2019

Dear Colleagues, dear Friends,

After the very successful Rome-2011 meeting, we have the pleasure to host a second World Federation for Laser Dentistry congress. On behalf of the organizing committee of the 7th Congress of WFLD-ED, I am very honoured to welcome you in the historical city of Parma.
The scientific program will cover all aspects related to the use of laser in dental practice.
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Prof. Paolo VESCOVI, D.D.S., Ph.D.
Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the 7th WFLD-ED Congress

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the WFLD, we are honored to welcome you to the 7th European Congress WFLD (2019 - 20th-22nd June) in Parma (Italy), hosted by Prof. Paolo Vescovi. In 2018, we celebrated the 30th year of the WFLD bringing together a global network of professionals in the field of laser in dentistry.
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Prof. Kenji YOSHIDA, D.D.S., Ph.D.
Honorary President of the 7th WFLD-ED Congress

Dear colleagues and friends

as the Director of the European Division of the World Federation of Laser Dentistry, it is a great pleasure for me to welcome you all to the 7th Congress of our Division, that will be held in the charming city of Parma, in the heart of Italy, from June 20th to 22nd 2019.
Renowned personalities and young researchers from all around the world, will share their experiences and knowledge in a three days reunion that from now is yet presenting as one of the most ever successful events in Laser Dentistry.
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Prof. Carmen Todea, D.D.S., Ph.D.
Director of the European Division of WFLD

In memory of Prof. Kenji Yoshida
Honorary President of the 7th WFLD-ED Congress

It is with very deep sorrow, during these days of Meeting organization,  that we learn the early passing away of our Mentor and Friend, Professor Kenji Yoshida, Past President of the WFLD.
We wish to remember his outstanding scientific contribution as well as his human qualities, in terms of honesty and balanced behavior, through his whole life. We take the opportunity to ex-press our condolence and closeness to his relatives and colleagues of Japanese Society for Laser in Dentistry (JSLD), in this moment of deep desperation.
The VII WFLD-ED meeting was strongly supported by the whole board, and in particular by Professor Yoshida. He was the first to give us his official greetings, planning his participation to the meeting. We will put all effort to organize an event with high scientific quality in a friendly atmoshpere, following the path that Professor Yoshida traced!

The Organizing Committee of the 7th WFLD-ED Congress


Organizing Committee

Prof. Paolo Vescovi (Chairman)

Prof. Paolo Vescovi Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the 7th WFLD-ED Congress

Prof. Umberto Romeo

Prof. Umberto Romeo

Prof. Alessandro Del Vecchio

Prof. Alessandro Del Vecchio

Prof.ssa Maddalena Manfredi

Prof. Maddalena Manfredi

Prof. Marco Meleti

Prof. Marco Meleti


Prof. Carmen Darinca Todea

Prof. Carmen Darinca Todea DDS, PhD Director of the European Division of WFLD

Prof. Toni Zeinoun

Prof. Toni Zeinoun DDS, PhD President WFLD

Prof. Samir Nammour

Prof. Samir Namour DDS, PhD Chairman Legal Affairs and International WFLD

Prof. Kenji YOSHIDA

Prof. Kenji Yoshida DDS, PhD Honorary President of the 7th WFLD-ED Congress

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